Ink And Business: How To Cut Back

Even if you are not in the printing business, as long as you have a product to sell or services to offer, you will still use a considerable amount of ink. Why is that the case? That’s because of advertisement. If you want to cut back on the cost of ink and preserve its usage, here are some useful tips.

Make It Black

Color is beautiful and alluring, but it also uses more ink than what you bargained for. For this reason, if you want to save on cost, it is best to only use black ink when printing your brochures. Lots of businesses use this in their everyday trade, so do not get left out.

Hello Economy Mode

The best part about printers nowadays is most of them offer the economy mode or setting. Using this, the print on the paper will be lighter, hence saving you more ink. Do not fret though, even if it is lighter than what you are accustomed to, customers will still see the image clearly and understand the message you want to convey.

Check And Recheck

Printing out dozens of copy without checking it beforehand will make you lose money. You will just have to reprint everything, wasting your time and precious ink in the process. That is why you better check everything first prior to hitting that print button.

Printing a brochure or flier will really help your business get noticed. As you need ink to that, and it costs a lot of money, make sure that you are using it wisely. Hey, that extra cash you saved up by following the advice may be able to buy you newer software or item for your business.

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Business Ideas That You Can Have with your Smartphone

Say you just resigned from your work because you’ve been burned out and now all you got is your smartphone and the internet connection you have from your data plan- what can you do to earn your living? A lot! Actually, you can even start your own business through your smartphone and here’s how.

Advertise with your smartphone

Say you have a car and you want to make a car for rent business for the meantime- why not create an ad site using your phone. With your social and networking sites apps, you can promote your car rental business and have them contact you for further inquiries.

Use Watt pad or download WordPress app and start writing

You can write but don’t how to start? Can you make researches and sum it up like it is your own? Then take the time you have and the chance you got to write and earn some. Star your own blog site or contribute to other people’s blog site and be paid. With these applications, you can do your writing on your phone and share it through it as well.

Be a virtual Assistant or hire Virtual Assistants

There are a lot of people who now looks for virtual assistant online so they can have someone answer their emails for them or return calls for them. I used to work for someone as a virtual assistant basically checking her schedules and making sure everything is in proper place. This can be done using a phone and a basic internet connection and if you are good with hiring, maybe you can just hire people who wants to be a VA and refer them to your clients.

These jobs are like small jobs that can be done using your phone with internet connection. If you can maintain a good result, you can eventually expand it and become a business owner of a VA hiring company or car rental company.

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Smart Ways To Invest Your Money

Just because you have money in your hands right now does not mean that it will automatically grow. No, for your cash to multiply and give you great returns in the future, you need to invest it today. Before consulting a professional firm about this, you should learn where to invest that money first. The answer is right below. Where to invest that fund:

Real Estate

Homes will always be a commodity for a lot of people. That is why it is wise to put your cash in this. You can purchase a house, improve it, and sell it for a better price. If you want to, you can even live in it for a while before turning the key over to another owner. What could be a better way to grow your money?


A good business always pays back. Even if you are still in the corporate world, you can establish a business and let other people run it for you. Not only will this business support you financially, you will also have something to fall back on in case things turn sour in the office.


Not all investment have to be about stocks and market shares. Sometimes the best investment is the one involving you. Invest the money in your health, education, or travel. You will learn so much more, allowing you to grow as a person.

Be smart when it comes to money. No matter how large your cash is today, an emergency may deplete that someday. That is why it is best to invest it into something worthwhile, so that you will always be ready for any scenario you may face.

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Importance of Review Sites to Business Success

Having an online review ass credibility to a business as well as adds marketing and exposure. Do not take online reviews for granted because it will help your company grow and survive challenges of low sales and bad customer feedbacks in the future.

It shows your company or product’s picture in a different lights

A review whether it is bad or good always comes with a positive review. No review site would make it too bad for a product or a service that they will put your company in a very bad light. In case there are aggressions, they will try to cut it out by adding some positive things about the company or product being reviewed. If customers feels like the review is not accurate, comments are being encouraged as well so you would know strong your backup is with the number of people that will rush to your defense.

It influences people who reads it

When a review was posted about your product, people who doesn’t normally care starts to wonder why your product is being reviewed and what is being said about it. If you have good reviews, the outcome would be better for your business. Through reviews, you would know as well if there are aspects of the product that needs changing to make it a better product.

It leaves valuable message to your management team

Reviews are often done to applaud good product and services. Through reviews, you would also get to learn about other people’s opinion that might prove valuable to your business. Often times, great reviewers leaves recommendation based on their past reviews of successful businesses like your.

When starting a new business or launching a new product, encourage people and potential customers to leave feedbacks and reviews for the product being marketed. Add a website where they can post their reviews or a number to call in case there is something they want to say about the product.

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How Boosting Creativity Leads to Success

When successful inventors and creators are asked about their success, they always say one thing in common- it was their creativity. This only shows that creativity is the key to business success. So how can you be more successful as a business person?

Stay within your circles of creative friends

Knowing your friends is the first thing to do. You must know which friend brings out the creativeness in you. Who is your most creative friend? Why not spend more time with him or her? Managers often spend time with co-managers to learn more from them the same thing that musicians and artists spend time with their fellow musicians and co-artists because that is where they can bring their creativeness.

Creativity doesn’t ends up as an idea

Being a creative thinker also means you have the actual talent to make it happen. When a manager start to have an idea about a good marketing strategy they can use to boost their sale, they will be there to supervise the entire process of creating the said marketing process making sure that is correct from the first detail to the last one.

Being creative means being open to criticism and to possible help

A creative person knew that there is always an area for improvement no matter how good the idea is. This makes a good business leader. They love criticism and they don’t look at their detractors as detractors but rather as someone who aims to help.

Creativity is an asset because it won’t only help you generate and form new ideas but it is also a key attitude to success. If everyone in the company gets creative, they will eventually get to an idea that will help them run the business in better ways.

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