How Boosting Creativity Leads to Success

When successful inventors and creators are asked about their success, they always say one thing in common- it was their creativity. This only shows that creativity is the key to business success. So how can you be more successful as a business person?

Stay within your circles of creative friends

Knowing your friends is the first thing to do. You must know which friend brings out the creativeness in you. Who is your most creative friend? Why not spend more time with him or her? Managers often spend time with co-managers to learn more from them the same thing that musicians and artists spend time with their fellow musicians and co-artists because that is where they can bring their creativeness.

Creativity doesn’t ends up as an idea

Being a creative thinker also means you have the actual talent to make it happen. When a manager start to have an idea about a good marketing strategy they can use to boost their sale, they will be there to supervise the entire process of creating the said marketing process making sure that is correct from the first detail to the last one.

Being creative means being open to criticism and to possible help

A creative person knew that there is always an area for improvement no matter how good the idea is. This makes a good business leader. They love criticism and they don’t look at their detractors as detractors but rather as someone who aims to help.

Creativity is an asset because it won’t only help you generate and form new ideas but it is also a key attitude to success. If everyone in the company gets creative, they will eventually get to an idea that will help them run the business in better ways.

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Bringing Your Ideas Out

If you are a manager managing a team of people in your company or an employee working with your team to attain your goal, you might always have some ideas to help in the success of your campaign yet don’t know how to express it. Sometimes, bringing your ideas to life is the hardest part of working with a team or when trying out new things to succeed.

Present it like the old ways- use a whiteboard

When I was still a student, I always find it easier to convey my ideas and share it to people if I can discuss it with a pen and a board where I can write it. I don’t like talking much especially in front of people yet with a pen in my hand, I can easily shift my attention from the people watching me to the pen in my hand. Today, I still use this practice when presenting an idea to my team especially to our leader.


As a manager, experimenting with the processes often gives a better outcome. Do not hesitate to experiment if you think the changes you are making can help the business have a better result. Say you are selling a certain product and the sales number is not improving, try adding some perks to your product and see if the sales number gets better.


Oftentimes, the issue with presenting an idea is that it is too broad. This causes people to lose their patience and focus on what you are sharing. Before starting to share your ideas, simplify it first. Present images that will convey your idea the best way possible. Do a research and provide facts to support your ideas and give it to them in the simplest format available.

Sometimes, we often feel like our ideas are not worth of our colleagues’ time. This is not always the case if only you would know how to bring it out properly.

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Obtaining Business Permit with No Stress

When starting a business, it is important to know that there are things that you need to take care before opening day. Aside from hiring people to do the work, you need to make sure that everything is accounted for including having a license to operate your business in the area. Obtaining such license can be tedious so be prepared to when getting one.

Know where to get it

For every city and state, the place where to get a license or business permit varies. It also depends
on the type of business that you are trying to establish. If you know where to get your license, then you would know the operation hours as well so you won’t have to wait long when getting one.

Know the requirements

Before even attempting to get your business license or permit, check with people you knew or who applied before if they can provide you the list of the requirements. You can also call the office that gives it so you can prepare it in advance and avoid delays due to missing requirement.

Be early

Nothing beats an early bird and it applies on all aspect of life even when getting a business license. If there is a long line of people once you arrive because it is the middle of the day already, then expect your day to be longer.

Most first timers that owns a small time business said that they had trouble and headache before getting their license approved. I guess because they went there unarmed so don’t be like them and be armed with information!

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How to Invest in People

When running a business, your people are the most important investment of your business. No matter how much you depend on technology for your business to run, there is always a need for human being to control things and make it work. It is important then to invest with your employees and here’s how.

Listen to them and their ideas

People’s idea are valuable investment for every group or company. You wouldn’t know when someone might have that single marketing idea that will make your service a hit to your consumer. Do not disregard their ideas no matter how awkward or nonsense they are. Listen to their points and consider it all the time.

Watch out for rare skills and talents

There are employees that are too shy to say they are great when it comes to doing Photoshop or adobe or Cisco programming. No employee will say they are great in writing and they can do a blog for your Company to market your product. Watch out for this skills and take advantage of it by sending them to trainings to hone their skills and be better with it.

Watch out for leaders

By observing your employees, you would know which one is a born leader and which ones are born to follow. Once you figure out which one is which, invest in them by giving them those trainings to that can help them become better leaders for your company.

Investing in people can be risky sometimes because they might end up leaving the company after all the training that you gave them. The good thing is, if they feel that you value their skills and you want them to grow with your company, they might end up staying with you for good supporting you and your company’s success.

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How to Have Effective Cost Cutting in Business

When there is a weak sale and increasing expenses, the company needs to start thinking of ways to cut their expenses. Before doing so though, you should consider all options first and make sure you are doing an effective cost cutting and not just decreasing your expenses for the sake of thinking that you are saving.

Start with the management

If you think you got enough or more than enough employees already, then stop hiring. Make use of what you have and give them additional trainings as needed instead of hiring a new one that needs whole training. If there is a task that needs to be done, ask someone who knew how to do it and give them a set time to work on it.

Review your Administrative expenses

If there is a need for a new tool, check if it is cheaper to rent it for the meantime rather than buy a new one. If the need to buy is high, get it from your partner companies where discount is higher. Ask employees to use the equipment as designed and for office related works only. If you can possibly go paperless in the office then do so instead of printing and wasting papers and inks. Utilize the technology you have like emails and chat programs.

Review your current marketing plans

Why are you spending more and earning less? Why sales is too low or why no one is getting your service? Check your marketing strategy at the moment and why it is ineffective. Review your competitors’ and figure out how to match theirs. Reinvent your marketing plan and see for good results. For marketing ads that are not working, eliminate them completely.

Cost cutting can be done without sacrificing your employees’ bonuses or employment. Look and around and start working on how to improve the business without spending much first before starting to cut people out from your business.

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